Throughout my career, I have looked at how we can better integrate and use technology in the classroom.The interplay between technology and education is something that I feel strongly about. My experience and certifications reflect my passion for these domains. By combining my knowledge in both I want to create new classrooms, one that leverages technology to increase student outcome.

I am currently pursuing my Masters in Education at the University of Melbourne with a chief focus in technology in education. The aim is to help educators improve on current practices through the replacement of old processes with more efficient technological ones. 

Currently I am working at a Virtual School where I represent the Mathematics and Technology Learning Areas. My main goal is to unite, train, upskill, and realign our teams. I work closely with key staff members in the school and will be using this experience to reflect on the complex relationships between theory and practice. Furthermore, well be looking at experimenting with the role of data collection and visualization on teacher practice in the online context.

I am also engaged in developing new curriculum that better reflects 21st century skills and new practices in online learning. Through an iterative design process I will be looking at what works best in the online space. Well be experimenting with interdisciplinary curriculum design and offering up new project based learning opportunities for our students.

In my spare time I am an active freelancer and creator of online content. I co-founded the company Revelry Media, a company that specializes in online work that range from website design to online marketing solutions. We have a range of projects that span into Canada and Australia. These projects are not education specific but offer a variety of personal learning opportunities. This venture has helped me expand my repertoire of solutions and blend these into an education context.

This blog is a direct evolution of my last venture Perkepi (now closed), a website that provided students with Biology and Mathematics content in the light of a digital delivery method. Diving into this sort of project helped me experience the full spectrum of the design process. It was also an opportunity for me to experiment first hand with a flipped classroom model. With this experience I am excited to experiment with new ways to help students achieve in this new and sometimes complicated environment.